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Dynamic Performance

National Laboratories:Los Alamos
Characterization:Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Los Alamos National Laboratory provides the capability to evaluate high-strain rates and high-stress performance of materials in small-scale, integrated loading environments, which can include: sheet penetration, bulge/dent, shock, and tensile ductility over strain rates of 101–105/s. Other in situ diagnostics include velocimetry, high-speed imaging, digital image correlation (DIC), and thermal imaging, while post-mortem damage and microstructural characterization also are available.

Capability Bounds

Typically, materials are tested in quantities of cm3, in ASTM, or other standard laboratory test platform geometries.

Unique Aspects

Unique attributes of LANL’s facility include a combination of in situ diagnostics, the ability to soft-recover specimens, and the availability of multiple platforms in one space.


Facility use is coordinated via the capability expert, and flexible scheduling is possible.


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George (Rusty) T. Gray III