Electrolytic Processing

National Laboratory: 
Argonne National Laboratory
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Fabrication and synthesis

Argonne has extensive experience in light metals technology development and molten salt electrolysis. Facilities include: 3-20A, 2-100A, and one 1800A fully equipped molten salt electrolysis cells, typically used for aluminum process development, as well as a 40-kVA electrolytic molten salt refining cell. 

Capability Bounds: 

The facility allows for process development from the bench to commercial scales.

Unique Aspects: 

Dr. John Hryn is an expert in aluminum and magnesium processing and recycling and electrodialysis processing. He has spent the majority of his career at ANL, focusing his research on energy-efficient and environmentally sound aluminum and magnesium processing and recycling technology development. https://www.anl.gov/contributors/john-hryn


The facility is available.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Dr. John Hryn, Principal Engineer
Email: jhryn@anl.gov
Phone: (630) 252-5893

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