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Bulk Fabrication of Damage-tolerant Layered Nanocomposites

National Laboratories:Los Alamos
Processing/Manufacturing:Fabrication and Synthesis, Composites Manufacturing

Los Alamos National Laboratory offers synthesis and performance evaluation of bulk nanocomposites fabricated using scalable thermomechanical technologies. LANL can synthesize kilograms of nanomaterial sheet stock, up to multiple meters of mm thick, and produce materials with unprecedented strength, toughness, and resistance to thermal and radiation extremes.

Capability Bounds

Material thickness and width are limited only by the available rolling mill’s size. Current LANL capabilities’ limits using a mill with 19-inch diameter rolls are ~15-cm wide and 4-mm thick. This technique is scalable using larger equipment.

Unique Aspects

Only LANL provides these manufacturing capabilities, coupled with characterization and modeling, for a full suite of materials design tools.


Availability of fabrication processes is coordinated by a LANL capability expert.

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Nathan A. Mara