Materials Implementation, Database, and Analysis Source

National Laboratory: 
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Computational Tools Class: 
Data Tools

The web-based Materials Implementation, Database, and Analysis Source tool, known as MIDAS, allows users to explore strength models under a variety of conditions and compare the model parameters to experimental data. While MIDAS stores experimental data and strength model parameters, its tools are available to help users quickly assess how well the parameters fit the data and to investigate how the models behave under various loading conditions.

Capability Bounds: 

Presently, MIDAS can accommodate 67 materials (mostly metals). Light metals include some aluminum alloys and a magnesium alloy. Because experimental data are expected to also include pedigree information, only a limited amount of experimental data is available for most materials (although users can upload and save their own data).

Unique Aspects: 

MIDAS affords the integration of experimental data, material strength models, and associated tools—all within a single web-browser interface.


Access to an external version of the website will be available on a limited basis.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Jeffrey Florando
Phone: 925-422-0698

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