Casting and Modeling

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Computational Tools Class: 
Materials Processing

ORNL Casting and Modeling capabilities include:

Liquid metal processing (casting):

  • Two air induction furnaces for melting and casting ferrous and nickel-based alloy
  • One resistance furnace for casting aluminum-based materials
  • One electron beam melter
  • One vacuum arc remelter for casting specialty alloys and refractory-based alloys
  • Two arc melters, one for button melting and the other for drop casting
  • Small green sand foundry for creating molds for shape casting
  • Ex-One machine for three-dimensional sand printing
  • Casting and solidification modeling
  • Codes: Truchas, Abaqus, and ProCAST
Capability Bounds: 

Air induction furnaces: 30-lbs. steel and 150-lbs. steel capacity. Two-liter capacity furnace for aluminum. The vacuum arc remelting (VAR) is 10,000 amperes, 8 in.  Ø max. Arc melters have 1-kg capacity for steel.

Unique Aspects: 



All equipment with trained staff is currently available. For modeling, ORNL is staffed to handle all three codes.

Single Point of Contact: 

C. David Warren, Transportation Materials Program Manager,, 865-574-9693

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