Extrusion and Rolling

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Thermo-mechanical processing

The 4508 high is equipped with an operation 1250-ton extrusion press. Nitrogen over water processes everything from light metals, such as Al, Mg, and Ti alloys, to steels, nickel-based alloys, and refractory metals. The press is supported by a series of furnaces that allow processing up to 1600°C. In addition to the extrusion press, the high bay is equipped with three operational rolling mills: a combination 2-high/4-high with 11-in. working face and servo-hydraulic down-screws, suitable for plate and foil. Carbide work rolls allow for foil rolling of high-flow stress materials. A 2-high mechanical hot mill also is available.

Capability Bounds: 

The extrusion press is limited to 5.5 Ø feed and has a number of dies in inventory. Custom dies also can be designed. The 2-high/4-high mill is limited to 1-in. x11 in. wide material, and the 2-high hot mill is limited to 3-in. thick x 8 in. wide material.

Unique Aspects: 

The extrusion press is the only operating press in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory complex. The 2-high/4-high mill is unique in that the carbide rolls allow for high specific pressure on difficult to deform materials. This equipment also is unique within the DOE complex.


The equipment is in a service center and is available for immediate use with qualified personnel.

Single Point of Contact: 

Thomas R. Muth, Team Leader, Metals and Refractories, muthtr@ORNL.gov, 865-574-5263

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