The High Temperature Materials Laboratory: Advanced Materials Characterization

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Characterization Class: 
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Non-destructive examination

The High Temperature Materials Laboratory (HTML) at ORNL is a national resource focused on technological and application-oriented materials characterization research. Key research areas include: automotive lightweighting and high-strength weight reduction materials; vehicle propulsion materials; thermoelectrics for solid-state energy conversion; and materials for energy storage, power electronics, and electric motors. Working with industry, HTML research enables emerging technologies and accelerates their commercialization.

Capability Bounds: 

The HTML provides extensive capabilities for characterizing the microstructure, composition, and physical and mechanical properties of materials over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. The HTML's sophisticated instrumentation supports research for: determining materials structure, characterizing microstructure to the sub-atomic level, profiling of both surface and chemistry of materials, analysis of mechanical behavior as a function of temperature and environment, examination of stresses and texture in materials and components, determination of thermophysical properties in a wide range of conditions, and analyzing tribological characteristics of high-performance materials.

Unique Aspects: 

The HTML offers a unique suite of leading-edge materials characterization instrumentation, often one-of-a-kind or custom-designed for a specific technical challenge. Examples include electron microscopes and surface analysis instruments; machines for electromechanical, crashworthiness, and servohydraulic testing; x-ray and large-specimen residual stress mapping; high-performance infrared cameras, and microprobes/nanoindentation.


Research is conducted under Strategic Project Partnerships, cooperative research and development agreement (CRADAs), and other collaborative mechanisms.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Edgar Lara-Cuzio, Director High Temperature Materials Laboratory
Phone: (865) 574-1748


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