Powder Metallurgy Capability

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Computational Tools Class: 
Materials Processing

ORNL's Powder Metallurgy Capability features: laser particle size distribution measurement, Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area determination, spray drying, vibratory screening, glove box or dry room handling (if required), vacuum hot presses (VHPs), cold isostatic presses (CIPs), hot isostatic press (HIP), and hard tool die pressing roll compaction (RC) (cold standby). Furnaces that support sintering or debinding are available, as well as Tekna Plasma Systems Inc. spheroidization equipment.

Capability Bounds: 

VHPs are 50-ton units, capable of 2200°C. One unit has a maximum die diameter of 5.5 Ø in., while the other can accommodate 10 Ø in. CIP is 4 Ø in. x 20 in. long at 50 ksi, and HIP measures 2.5 Ø in x 5 in long at 2200°C and 30 ksi. The presses have metallic and graphite element inserts. RC is in cold standby 7 in. width x 17 in. Ø rolls. In addition, there is a 250-ton servo-hydraulic press and a 50-ton hydraulic press.

Unique Aspects: 

Roll compaction is unique to ORNL.


All machinery, with the exception of roll compaction, are operational with qualified staff.

Single Point of Contact: 

Thomas Muth, Team Leader Metals and Refractories, muthtr@ornl.gov, 865-574-5263

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