Shear Roll Forming of Magnesium Alloys

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Characterization Class: 
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Shaping and forming
Thermo-mechanical processing

ORNL has a unique asymmetric rolling mill, equipped with warm rolls (up to 300°C) capable of shear rolling magnesium, aluminum, and steel sheet. Shear rolling can be used to modify the basal texture of magnesium alloys, thus improving room temperature formability. Aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys (AZ31B, ZEK100), and Fe-Si alloys have been successfully rolled using this unique shear rolling mill. ORNL also has facilities to perform dome testing at warm temperatures (up to 250°C) to evaluate magnesium alloy formability.

Capability Bounds: 

Maximum feedstock thickness is limited to 6 mm.

Unique Aspects: 

The shear rolling capability is the sole one-of-a-kind system available in the world.


The facility is available through collaborative efforts with ORNL.

Single Point of Contact: 

G. Muralidharan, Senior R & D Staff,, 865-574-4280

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