Transportation and High Volume Composite Materials Manufacturing

National Laboratory: 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Characterization Class: 
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Computational Tools Class: 
Materials Processing
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Fabrication and synthesis
Shaping and forming

ORNL's integrated composite materials manufacturing capability incorporates materials and processing research and development via prototypical parts, components, and system demonstration.

Capability Bounds: 

ORNL's Carbon and Composites Group provides comprehensive capabilities for the design, analysis, development, evaluation, and demonstration of affordable advanced composite materials and structures. This group functions as a key resource for research, development, prototyping, and industrial deployment of advanced composite materials applications and manufacturing technology. Working with industry, government, and academia, the group serves as a focal point for the development and demonstration of solutions to critical issues surrounding the manufacture of cost-effective composite materials, structures, and assemblies.

Unique Aspects: 

ORNL Composites capabilities are world-class in carbon fiber development and tailoring for specific applications. They offer advanced electromagnetic processing using radiation and microwave/radio frequency systems; ultra-high-performance filament winding for rotational hardware, such as centrifuges and flywheels; and robotic preforming for net-shape placement and forming of reinforcement materials, as well as related molding capabilities. This in-house manufacturing capability is augmented by close association with the Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) resources at Tennessee with Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado centers coming onboard as part of this initiative. These extraordinary design and analysis of composites from both continuous and discontinuous reinforcements and world-class chemical, physical, and mechanical evaluation facilities at ORNL make this a truly unique source of composites manufacturing technology.


These facilities are available for various partnership arrangements with industry.

Single Point of Contact: 

Bob Norris, Senior Staff Researcher,, 865-576-1178

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