Scalable Shear-assisted Consolidation and Extrusion of Bar, Tube, and Sheet

National Laboratory: 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Fabrication and synthesis
Thermo-mechanical processing

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has specialized equipment and staff expertise related to the scalability of shear-assisted processes, such as powder consolidation and direct/indirect extrusion, particularly the industry-relevant scale at which bar, tube, and sheet can be extruded. Extrudates measuring multiple inches in diameter and many feet in length are possible, representing the largest scale capability in the United States for this research area. Material classes studied to date include structural metals (steels, magnesium, and aluminum) and functional materials (magnets and thermoelectrics), where shear-assisted processing has resulted in microstructures with ultra-fine and even nanoscale grain sizes.

Capability Bounds: 

The equipment is capable of 200,000 lbs. of axial thrust and 750 ft-lbs. of torque at 1500 rpm. Extrusions having an outer diameter of 3–4 in. can be fabricated with no limitation on length.

Unique Aspects: 

Research and development for shear-assisted processing at commercially relevant scales is not found in industry, academia, or other national laboratories. 


Use typically is coordinated with capability experts and via collaborative funding proposals or contracts.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Curt Lavender
Phone: 509-372-6770

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