Atom Probe Tomography (Cameca LEAP 3000)

National Laboratory: 
Sandia National Laboratories
Characterization Class: 
Extreme Environment Testing

The Cameca LEAP 3000 atom probe is a voltage-pulsed instrument that allows three-dimensional atomic characterization of metals.

Capability Bounds: 


Unique Aspects: 

The atom probe has residual gas analyzers (RGAs) on both the analysis and buffer chambers. This aspect, along with the instrument's collocation with Sandia National Laboratories' hydrogen facilities, make the instrument especially suited to hydrogen and other potentially volatile dissolved gases.


As the instrument is not located within a user facility, scheduling is fairly open. The atom probe is accessible within the Sandia/California Property Protection Area, so access depends upon meeting requirements for entering the facility and coordinating use with the instrument owner.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Richard Karnesky
Phone: 925-294-2106

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