Dual E-beam Evaporator

National Laboratory: 
Sandia National Laboratories
Characterization Class: 
Extreme Environment Testing
Processing/Manufacturing Class: 
Fabrication and synthesis

The dual E-beam evaporator affords the ability to make thin layers of alloys, including compositions that can be difficult to achieve because of conventional and vacuum miscibility constraints. The instrument is an Angstrom Sciences EBES 67369 with two electron beam sources, each rated to 10 kV, 500 mA. Each beam source also has four pockets for evaporation target material. The evaporator has Xtal thickness monitors, so layers from a few angstroms to a few microns are achievable.


As the instrument is not housed within a traditional user facility, scheduling is fairly open. The site is within the Sandia/California Property Protection Area, so access depends upon meeting requirements for entering the facility and coordinating use with the instrument owner.

Single Point of Contact: 

Name: Richard Karnesky
Email: rakarne@sandia.gov
Phone: 925-294-2106

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