LightMAT Directed Funding Assistance

White Paper Submission Deadline: Nov 13, 2017 11:59:59PM PDT

To accelerate innovation and adoption of new lightweighting technologies for on-highway vehicles, the LightMAT consortium is overseeing a directed funding assistance for interested industry partners to use unique materials capabilities at national laboratories.

Directed Funding Assistance will allow industry partners to identify a specific, non-powertrain application for vehicles that would directly benefit from an advanced material or manufacturing process to enable significant weight reduction. Interested organizations are encouraged to prioritize and submit white papers addressing only their most pressing lightweighting needs.

To apply, industry partners will submit a concept white paper that identifies the technical challenge and capability need that LightMAT can provide. All submissions should be no less than three and no more than six pages in length. Required criteria for white paper submissions include:

  1. Introduction (brief overview of project)
  2. Approach (15% of total score)
  3. Impact of Vehicle Weight Reduction (25% of total score)
  4. Appropriateness of Government Funding (35% of total score)
  5. Opportunity for Market Impact (25% of total score)
  6. Budget and Timeline

Papers will be reviewed and scored by LightMAT with final project approval and funds authorized to the national laboratories by DOE. LightMAT anticipates three to eight funded projects as part of this call. Project terms are limited to no more than two years with up to $500,000 per project.* All projects will be subject to DOE reviews and reporting requests.

  • Oct 10th: Webinar about LightMAT and DFA#2 opportunity
  • Nov 13th: White Paper submission deadline
  • Jan 5th, 2018: Press Release announcing new projects
  • Feb 12th, 2018: Project Kickoff Target

*Federal funds allocated to DOE national laboratories for providing LightMAT resources only, subject to available LightMAT budget. Industry cost share ≥ 50 percent.