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In the News: DOE Awards $2 Million for R&D Projects

August 3, 2023


The US Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) has selected four industry-led research and development projects for funding to address key technical challenges associated with the application of lightweight materials to improve the energy efficiency of electric vehicles (EVs). The projects will help decarbonize the transportation sector and enhance the infrastructure needed to support the growing adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

The award recipients will partner with a member of the Lightweight Materials Consortium (LightMAT), to accelerate solutions to the nation’s toughest energy sector materials challenges. LightMAT is a network of 11 national laboratories with technical capabilities for the development and commercial use of lightweight materials and manufacturing processes.

Selected projects will receive up to $500,000 of LightMAT technical assistance from the partnering national laboratory, over a maximum project duration of two years.

LightMAT is funded by VTO and managed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in partnership with other national laboratories.

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